About Us

Slow Fade Media

I created Slow Fade Media shortly after college. The name comes from a song by the band Casting Crowns. Slow Fade originally started off as 937 Productions, referencing Matthew 9:37 “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. At the time I was mainly doing work with ministries. I wanted to open up my focus and work with all kinds of clients, I wanted a more memorable name, and I still wanted to keep the ministry root. During the week I was considering the name change I heard the song Slow Fade on the radio more times than I probably had in the previous year. The concept of the song is to be careful what you put in your life, the little things add up, and it is a constant reminder of where to keep my focus, plus I think it sounds pretty cool too.

Since starting the company Jessica has joined and made it into a partnership. Together we have been developing the company and directing it along with our passions. We really started getting into weddings and broke off a sub brand as Slow Fade Weddings to work specifically with out brides. As that happened, the world of aerial production exploded with DJI’s introduction of the Phantom drone. We had already been looking at getting into aerial work with RC helicopters, and the quad-copters opened that door to jump in. Now Aerial Productions is our main focus. We still really enjoy working on the ground with Ministries, Non-Profits, Musicians, and Small Businesses, but the aerial work is what we love, and look for every opportunity to work it into our other projects as well.



Who is Bill

(Bill in Norway)

Hey everyone, I’m Bill Aycock. I decided to start Slow Fade Media shortly after graduating from The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond where I studied Mass Communications. Video Production has always been a passion of mine. I actually started off helping out my church in my very early teen years running the cameras. I absolutely love technology, and watching all the new gadgets getting released. Most recently my attention has been with the drone industry. It is so amazing to see what these new technologies can achieve, far far beyond aerial video production. Aviation in general is another passion, so when I found out what all it takes to become a licensed commercial drone pilot I was all in. I love to study VFR maps and FAA regulations. Yes, I am a nerd when it comes to that stuff. I’m like a kid in a candy store every time we drive past an airport, and I am sure I have publicly embraced my wife when we go out to eat at restaurants in airports, such as Enrique’s at the Ponca City Airport, or The Runway Cafe at Wiley Post Airport.

When I am not shooting, droning, or droning on about shooting and droning, I love to get outdoors. Camping, biking, hiking, kayaking, I love it all. Its even better that I get to do most of those things with my beautiful wife, and our dog Panda. We work hard, play hard, and love life.